Will Stubbs is an independent voice actor with experience in voicing marketing, e‑learning, video game projects and more. Listen to some of his work, or find out more about the man behind the voice.

Line Out

Voice actors the world over deck themselves out with top-of-the-line microphones, audio interfaces and DAWs. They make embarrassing faces in their little booths and gargle strange home remedies. But the one, crucial element of a great voiceover is a true understanding of storytelling.

Drawing on that love of stories, Will’s distinctive sound can elevate your project and give your audio the colour it needs to stand out.

Client Reviews

“William was a pleasure to work with! His voice was unique and he delivered an amazing performance for our children's book read during our remote directed session. His voice over will help elevate and add lots of life and fun to our project! We'd love to work with him again!”
– Vooks, Portland USA

"Perfect voice for the E-learning videos we created. Will provided a very quick turnaround and the end result was top quality — our client was very happy."
– Envisuals, Bradford UK

"We've worked with Will on a couple of projects now and I always appreciate the care he puts into delivering the right read for the explainer context while being very quick on turnaround. Look forward to the next time we're able to work together."
– Paragon Design Group, Savannah USA